12 Week 1:1 Online Coaching with Ciara - Pay Once (Link)

The 12-week 1:1 Online Coaching programme is designed to help you get more fit, strong, leaner and lose weight. Unlike most programmes, this gym programme will take into account your lifestyle as well as your gym equipment, current fitness levels and help you move and feel better while also aiding you to achieve your goals.

We can stay connected through Whatsapp and email so I can answer your questions that you may have as well as storing all your progress and tracking all your workouts.

You will be given a consultation form that will help me determine your current fitness level, experience in the gym, as well as your goals. Through that, the workouts will be modified based on what I think will suit you best. We will be on constant contact to work on those modifications over the 12 Weeks.

The consultation form will also help determine when to train and how many times a week.

After that, I will send your programme to your email and you will gain access to your programme. I will schedule in the times you are available and willing to train and we will work from there.

You will be able to record and send your sets, reps and rest along with additional comments via whatsapp and use that to monitor your progress over the 4 Weeks.

We can create accountability through Whatsapp.




What to expect!

  • Targets the full body and has workouts from day 1-7 with rest included.
  • 1 Weekly check-in via zoom 
  • Whatsapp support 
  • Nutrition advice & Training programme
  • Weekly booklet + measurement sheet 
  • Progressive workouts


  • Access to a gym
  • Perfect for beginners – advanced fitness levels

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